Welcome to the life of a Nutritionist!


Let’s talk about delicious green smoothies, blueberry chia parfait, satiating salads in adorable mason jars, coconut covered cacao energy bombs, buttery roasted veggies, sea salt kale chips and fermented Kombucha with berries!

This foodie lifestyle is for you, my friend!  Toss that ‘50% chicken’ sandwich sorry excuse for a meal and make the change.  Not only will your food look delicious, it will have your taste buds dancing because it will be real raw food!  Yes, raw food is the answer.  However, eating raw food doesn’t mean sitting there eating a whole head of raw cauliflower.  There’s much more to it than that.  You’ll see.

Anyway, after having a baby girl, my tummy was never the same.  Some women say we should stand tall and be proud of our bodies and tiger stripes.  I am all for empowering women but this wasn’t for me.

I was not happy with my post baby body.  I had to take a break from babyland (ha, she’s 3) and focus on myself again, so I focused on raw food, started meal planning, took my essential supplements, made some key lifestyle changes and steadily lost the weight.  It wasn’t painful nor should it be.  Healthy changes should be fresh, fun and enlightening.  Join me and change your life!


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