We eat pig tonight! How I say No to meat.

I can say No to meat without hesitating.


Growing up on traditional food

Guess what?  I am a vegetarian again.  Haha, most people think I’ve always been one.  Yes, I’ve grown up on an Indian diet which is mostly vegetarian meals.  Meatless Monday at my house was the norm before it was a thing.  We had Meatless Tuesday, Meatless Wednesday, Meatless Thursday and so on.  We usually just ate meat on Saturday and my dad would make a pot of goat curry, ‘wiener daal‘ or ‘egg daal’…lol.  I have a feeling the last two were Canadian inspired creations!  Should I patent them?  Nah!  I used to pick out the meat and get in trouble from my parents.  Old habits, die hard.


Always leaning toward Vegetarianism

I had been a vegetarian for years in my 20’s and 30’s.  A few months ago, I felt a pull in that direction again.  A lot of my friends and family are vegetarian and vegan.  The next step might be veganism.  Who knows?

It’s almost been 5 months since I’ve had meat.  I don’t miss it at all.  Actually, I’ve made a little discovery and it’s helping me stay vegetarian.  Yay me!

Caution ahead.

Let me warn you.  What I’m about to say may sound harsh.  I had nightmares.  Just kidding.  But I’m not going to lie, it did make me gag on bacon.  Hence, I’m a vegetarian now.


Okay, so here’s my big secret.

Drum roll…

I’ve started to call meat by its name at the dinner table!

Meh, what’s the big deal?  I know what I’m eating.

Trust me.  Say it!  Say the animal’s name.

This really works!!!  I call meat exactly what it is.  No pork chops or ham…just straight up pig.  Do you want a pig for dinner?  It sounds so savage!  My first thought is I can’t eat a pig!  Now, that faceless slab of meat has a face.  I see the pig, cow or sheep.  That simple thought, helps me choose a dish I won’t feel guilty about eating later.


Here’s another thought.  Don’t eat it, if you can’t kill it. 

I’m the type of person who wouldn’t even hurt a fly.  My *nuni taught me to take spiders outside instead of flushing them.  

Just imagine…if I had to go to the farm and shoot a cow for my roast beef sandwich,  I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it.

Don’t forget, I’d also have to skin it, behead it, cut it in half, take out the guts, chop it and slice it.  To be honest, I don’t know the first thing about slaughtering animals and I don’t want to learn.

I could never shoot him for a measly roast beef sandwich.  Avocado toast looks pretty damn delicious right about now!


Reconnect to the family farm

How can I love and protect a dog but turn around and kill a cow?  The thought of killing the family pet, Shadow or Turbo, for a meal sounds insane.  Wouldn’t I go to jail for animal cruelty?  What’s the difference between them and other animals?  I have definitely lost touch with the family farm and I grew up in the country side!  These days, the main place I see farm animals is on a plate and that’s a shame.


So, now what?

Am I chopping up and eating one of the cows above or this cute little lamb below?


My choice is neither.

The two powerful questions, I ask myself:

What farm animal am I actually eating?”

“Can I go out and kill this animal with my own hands?”

If I can’t stomach any of it, I show mercy and think before I eat.

Please like or comment if you gagged on bacon…haha.  My little gift to you.


*nuni – maternal grandma

*Side Note – I am aware most conventional farms do not look like organic family farms.  We bought from organic family farms so that is what I am talking about.


15 thoughts on “We eat pig tonight! How I say No to meat.

  1. jannicamerrit says:

    I can’t eat one animal and rescue a different one. I became vegetarian in college after forced animal dissection in a class made me take a look at what felt right and wrong to me.

    So, good for you and better for the animals!

  2. Dawn Renee says:

    Very well put. I nearly always avoid eating our animal friends. What I havn’t kicked completely is the occasional crispy bacon. I’m glad you take out the winged and multi-legged home intruders. I keep an official bug glass and postcard to take out the innocent ones.

  3. Ninth Bandito says:

    I don’t know how people say no to meat. My family eats meat every day, and ever since I can remember, meat chili is a norm, usually once a month. My biological father was a large portion Arab, and they love their meat. I do too.

    Bacon is amazing, steak my family loves, mutton is a treat, salmon is a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion, and hamburgers are regularly eaten.

    Just three words:


    Not meaning to be rude, but I do. I can’t comprehend vegetarians or vegans. God made meat , so it is meant to be eaten. It’s the cycle of life. Cow needs grass to eat and get energy, cow gives birth to calf, calf grows up and is eaten by us so we get energy, and we, in turn, have kids. It was meant to be.

    • Ruby says:

      Hmm, some of my family members eat meat and some don’t. Some people hunt. Others are vegan. I am happy as a vegetarian. Each to their own.

  4. Clare Hopkins says:

    Very interesting theory about calling the animal by it’s name! I reckon that would change a lot of people’s mind sets! Good luck with the lifestyle change 🙂 great blog xxx

  5. charlypriest says:

    I call pig a pig, a cow a cow, chicken a chicken and they all end up in my belly so obviously I´m not a vegetarian. I don´t have the time to go hunting so it´s easier for me to go to the supermarket 100 feet away from my house, sorry. But I do like your philosophy, I wasn´t making a joke out of it. And I also like to not be eating meat everyday of the weak, is not healthy so some mix of vegetarian food would be great to learn from this blog.

    • Ruby says:

      Haha, I’m glad you like my philosophy. I love many vegetarian dishes and enjoy sharing them with readers so you’re in good hands.

  6. Sharon King says:

    I’m considering going vegetarian again. I just can’t stomach – pun intended- our inhumane treatment of animals sacrificing their lives for me to eat.

    • Ruby says:

      I definitely think you should become vegetarian again. I feel much better. My conscience is clear and I’m leaning towards veganism. Let me know if you need a vegetarian meal plan to help you along.

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