Blueberry Kiwi Chia Pudding

Top 5 Superfoods you can’t live without this Winter

What could they be?  Do you know all 5 Superfoods?  Let’s see if you do.  If you don’t know one of the 5 Superfoods, try it out and see if it fits into your lifestyle.  Yass, indulge yourself!  I’m not kidding just look at how delicious these Superfoods look.  Not only do these look gorgeous but they’re really good for you too!  Most are chock full of antioxidants, minerals and other goodies.  Your body will thank you.

For fun, I love trying new food and smoothies.  Yes, it is my job but I love it!  You know, I was drinking green smoothies and making kombucha before it was a thing and everybody thought I was the weirdo.  But now everybody and their grandmother is doing it!  So without further ado…Here are the supers!

The 1st Superfood is my favourite, Matcha Green Tea.


Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

In Japan, we have the world’s longest living people.  The city Okinawa is known as “The Island of Immortals.”  How cool is that?!  I wonder what Canada is called.  Oh yes, of course.  Google says it’s “The Land of Maple Syrup.”  It can’t be anymore Canadian than that.  Anyway, back to Japan and Matcha Green Tea.  Could Matcha Green Tea be helping Okinawans live longer?  Can’t hurt to try, can it?  I’d love to live to the ripe age of 100.  Hello, Okinawa!

The 2nd Superfood is Chia Seeds.

Blueberry Kiwi Chia Pudding

Blueberry Kiwi Chia Pudding

Chia Seed Pudding

How incredible does this pudding look?  Surprisingly, it’s super easy to make the night before and enjoy in the morning.  All you do, is soak chia seeds in coconut milk and they expand 12 times their own size creating a gelatinous consistency perfect for pudding.  They contain many bone supporting minerals and omega 3’s.  What’s not to like?

The 3rd Superfood is Quinoa.



Quinoa Mason Jar Meal

This plant food in mason jar meals?  How fun and appetizing!  You can use it as a nutrient-rich rice substitute.  Most importantly, this seed is a complete protein with all nine amino acids and it is gluten-free, so everyone can eat it.  It is also known to the Inca’s as the “mother of all grains.”  Doesn’t that sound a-mazing?!  They knew it all along.

The 4th Superfood is Garlic.



Purple Garlic

Mmm, just look at all the possibilities with these purple garlic cloves.  You could whip up some zoodles and throw in a couple of garlic cloves.  How delicious does that sound!  On top of that, garlic is perfect for keeping up your immunity in the cold winter months.

The 5th Superfood is Ginger.




What, that pink stuff beside your sushi?  Yasss, that’s what I’m talking about!  It will warm you up, keep your food down, help with digestion and support your immune system.  You can add some ginger to your lemon tea if you are not feeling well and feel the effects of it.  Ginger is an age old traditional Superfood worthy of this title.

Enjoy this coming winter and stay healthy with all these Supers!  Let me know which Super is your favourite?

80/20 Food Rule


Weight Loss is the Fabulous Side Effect of the 80/20 Food Rule!

Yes, you heard right!  Weight loss is the fabulous side effect of the 80/20 Food Rule.  Isn’t it amazing when you lose weight without trying?  What now?  You’ve never lost weight without trying?  Well, you are in for a treat!!!

Part 1

What is the 80/20 Food Rule?

You eat 80% whole organic foods like local, seasonal fruit, veggies, seaweed, roots, beans, bison and ancient grains.  The remaining 20% can be fun food.  You can divide it anyway you like.  For example, you could have a full serving of Mediterranean quinoa salad with garbanzo beans and a glass of vino.  The cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, quinoa and homemade vinaigrette would be the 80%.  The goat feta cheese and vino would be your 20%.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Another way to play it, is give in to four cravings a week.  If I’m craving butter chicken, I should sit down and enjoy a bowl with garlic butter naan.  Don’t worry, that still leaves 17 healthy meals a week!  I know, it sounds too easy to be true!

On the other hand, some people look forward to a whole cheat day!  That can be dangerous!  You could outdo all your hard work in one day.  Imagine you eat healthy all week and binge on Saturday.  It’s never a good idea to gorge on “unicorn” buckies but kids these days, eh?  Gotta try everything once.  Ain’t that the saying?  So, if you want to go down this path, that’s cool.  Enjoy yourself, just rein it in a little if you feel the need to unbutton your jeans!

Part 2

Pobody’s Nerfect!

Hopefully, I’m not the only nerd out there and you got that!  Yes, nobody’s perfect!  I don’t always eat 100% organic whole foods.  Some friends and family say, “Oh, we could never eat like that!”  Yeah, I get it.  Neither can I but I try my best for 80% nutritious food and 20% fun food.  Everybody needs a break!  This is where the 80/20 Food Rule comes in.  One friend said, “Oh, I’m the opposite…I eat 20% healthy and 80% junk.”  That’s okay too!  We all have to start somewhere.  Aim for 30% nutrient rich meals…then 40%…then 50% and before you know it, you’ll be at 80% if that’s your ultimate goal.

Some go-getters aim for a 100% perfection.  It usually blows up in their face and they end up in a fast food joint.  I prefer a gentler way.  80% is better than torturing myself and eventually quitting because it is impossible to stick with.  Say yasss to the wine, dark chocolate or cake.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It’s a process and diet change.  It won’t happen overnight.  I’m also happy to say it’s not boot camp.  I’m definitely not a drill sergeant but I will get you there eventually.

When you try these meal plans, you will notice your plate will look bright and colourful.  You will feel lighter and more energetic.  It’ll be fun and motivating to prepare and eat your next meal.  You will no longer feel bogged down by heavy carbs or need sugar to get through the 3pm slump.  Excess tummy weight will slide off of your body as a side effect!  You can kiss those love handles buh bye!

The 80/20 Food Rule makes sense and it works.  You will notice your energy levels elevate when you eat by the Rule and you will feel your energy levels crash when you indulge on 20% sweets or carbs.  Naturally, you will lean toward the more blood sugar balancing meals and the cravings should lessen because you will be satisfied with  the nutrients from 80% of your meals.

Test it out for a week or so.  You can post foodie pics on our online food diary to show us your progress.  If you need more support or help with easy nutritious meal plans, contact me at Work with Me!  Good luck ladies!!!