21 Day Keto Meal Plan

I’m at the beginning stages of creating a 21 Day Plant-Based Keto Meal Plan.  I will include my tried & true recipes.  Only the best ones will be in this Meal Plan.

I have been creating Plant-Based Keto Meal Plan for many of my clients.  They have reduced inflammation & lost 10-50+ pounds.  We don’t focus on losing weight but it happens when you eat the right food.  It is one of the amazing side effects of eating Plant-Based Food.

I can help you address inflammation issues.  I have been helping clients for the last 10 years overcome those exact issues.

If you’re interested in amazing results and would like a copy, the 1st week is  available right now.   I’m really excited about putting the finishing touches on this incredible plan!


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Are you a tired new mom?

Focus on getting Strong, not Skinny

Are you a tired new mom!

Hey new mama,  I see you: tired, weary and sometimes a hot mess.  I recognize you because I was you!  Your baby is happy and gurgling but are you?  Haha, I hope you’re not gurgling.  But I meant to ask, are you happy?  I know you are happy with your baby but are you happy with yourself.  Are you treating yourself as good as you are treating your baby?  Take a look in the mirror.  Do you look fresh and dewy?  Isn’t that the new look all the girls are trying to get?  Lol…or do you look like you’ve been hit by a bus?  That may sound a bit strong but I just want to get my point across.  You’re baby is donning cute little bows or Nikes and you are hiding in an over-sized sweater.  Come on you can do better than that.  This isn’t the real you.  It’s time to take back your life!  If not now, when? Feel energetic and focused again 💆‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ without giving up 🍫🍷and adding a few of these🍎🍋🥑  What have you got to lose?  Organic Tree Nutrition has helped rejuvenate moms all over the world though diet, supplements and lifestyle.



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Plant-based Cooking Workshop at the Wellness Garage

Cooking classes in White Rock

Impress your Valentine

Plant-Based Cooking Workshops

The Wellness Garage hosts Plant-Based Cooking Workshops every Tuesday and Thursday.  This Tuesday, Feb 4th, we have a Valentine’s Cooking Workshop in White Rock at 6:30pm-8:00pm.  You will learn strategies for creating a fabulous low-carb pasta dinner and dessert.

Impress your date in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Led by Jason Maclaughan – soon to be Nutritionist and Vegan Coach

The Wellness Garage

The Wellness Garage is a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic.  We have  a gym, yoga studio, cafe for smoothies, buddha bowls and bliss balls, and DXA.  We have a Diabetes Type II Reversal Program, RCMP Weight Management Program and the Healthiest Year Ever Program.  The environment is so welcoming and it is a doctor’s clinic of the future.  We have an MD, Health Coach Director, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist, Dietitian and Health Coaches all working together to help individuals with health concerns and help the planet.



Does Meal Planning Work?



Straight up, does meal planning work?  Yassssssss, everyone and their dog are meal planning for a reason!  Meal planning makes your week go by smoothly.  If you want to try it for free, subscribe and you can get a Free 5-Day Meal Prep Plan.


What’s for dinner?

Once you experience no stress at meal time, there’s no turning back.  No cringing when you hear THAT question, “What’s for dinner?”  With meal planning, it’s like bammmm!  Here’s your dinner, here’s your dinner, here’s your dinner and here’s my dinner!  Dang, that was a little too easy!  Anyone need breakfast or lunch after because those are all done too!  Wahoo, I feel good!


More Me Time

Now, what do I do with all this free time?  Should I hit the gym?  Maybe I’ll go soak in the jacuzzi.  I could cosy up with a good book.  The options are endless when you are no longer a slave to the kitchen.


Reinvent the wheel?

I love cooking but 3 times every single day can make anyone nuts!  Some peeps like choosing recipes, writing a grocery list and figuring out the nutritional value of meals but hey…that’s my day job!  I think you already have one of those unless you want to join me at work…haha.


A meal plan for every stage of your life

As nutritionists, we have already done the hard work and created beautiful, healthy meal plans for you at any stage of your life.   We have the free one above or the more specific ones below.


Ready made Healthy Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans all include a grocery list, recipes, meal schedule and nutritional labels.  I could try the Vegan Meal Plan if I was thinking about becoming a vegan.  If I cannot for the life of me get into ketosis, I could try the Keto Meal Plan and see what I’ve been doing wrong.  I could try the 40-30-30 Weight Loss Plan if I want to lose weight the healthy way.  There’s a Meal Plan for you if you are pregnant or you’ve just had a baby.  We have you covered at every stage of your life.



Free 5-Day Meal Prep Plan

Get your Free Meal Plan Guide below:


Meal Planning

Our meal prep program shows you how to prepare enough meals for the week in roughly two hours.

We love Meal Prep Sunday! Taking some time on the weekend to prepare food for the week saves us time, money, keeps us organized and feeling great throughout the week. But sometimes getting organized for Meal Prep Sunday is half the battle. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our Meal Prep Sunday Program will show you how to prepare enough meals for 5 days in roughly two hours. Our prep guide will outline step-by-step how to make it happen. Grab the meal plan, grocery list and prep guide and let’s get to it!

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