Nutritional Consultations


Nutrition 1

Nutrition Consultation (60 min to a new you)

Nutrition, Supplement & Lifestyle Assessments *A Customized Meal Plan with a Grocery List and Nutritious Recipes for you *3 Essential Vitamins or Minerals your Body Wants and Needs *3 Ways to Jump start your Life!


Nutrition 2

Follow Up (30 min)

Celebrate your Success – Review Challenges – Focus on New Goals – Adjust Meal Plan


Nutrition 1 & 2 – Initial Consultation & Follow Up 

Initial Consultation & Follow Up (90 min)

Wellness, Supplement & Lifestyle Assessments *A Customized Meal Plan with a Grocery List and Nutritious Recipes *3 Essential Vitamins and Minerals your Body Needs *3 Ways to Jump start your Life *Celebrate your Success *Review Challenges *Focus on New Goals *Adjust Meal Plan


Nutritional Consultation

We will meet you where you are.  Gradually, introducing you to a healthier lifestyle.  Our clients notice a complete transformation following our methods.  Sometimes it takes 3, 6 or 9 months to overcome years of unhealthy eating habits.  Weight loss is a natural side effect and clients always come away stronger.

You shouldn’t have to research nutrition, count calories, figure out macros, write a grocery list, create a meal plan and then prepare it.  Let us do the dirty work.  We got you!  You just have fun grocery shopping & cooking.  We have done the research.  We will figure out your calorie intake.  We will adjust your macros.  Step away from the kitchen scale!  Sit with us and take a load off.

Initial Nutrition Consultation – This is Self-Care. 

It’s all about you!  You will tell us all about your goals, your food journal and your obstacles.

Follow Up (2 wks later) – This is The Plan. 

Registered Nutritionists will customize a beautiful Meal Plan for you based on your height, weight, age & BMI.  We will also create a personalized Nutrition Plan for you with tips & strategies to help you live your Best Life.  We also go over our favourite Nutrition Apps.

Follow Up (bi-wkly or mnthly) – This is a Tune Up.

You are on the right path but there may be hiccups along the way.  We always follow the 80/20 Rule here.  Health Coaches are trained to help keep you on track.


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