Mason Jar Magic



Oh no, it’s 3-o-clock!  My tummy is grumbling and I’m starting to feel hangry.  Don’t panic!  Don’t go to the office kitchen for a pick me up.  There’s always coffee, chocolate, donuts or chips in the staffroom.  Avoid it at all costs!

Instead, have yourself some Mason Jar Magic(ha, I should patent that)!  Show up at work with these glass beauties!  Plain, ordinary veggies are magically transformed intogorgeous meals.  They’re easy to make and stay fresh refrigerated for 4 days but mine disappear way before that.  You will not evenhave a desire to reach for those sugary treats at the 3-o-clock slump.  Instead, you will raise your adorable vitamin packed Mason Jar.  This will literally save youfrom eating empty carbs and blah beige food.

Your family, friends and colleagues will love your cute Mason Jar concoctions and feelinspired to join you.  I was actually a member of a Smoothie Club and Salad Club at work.  It fun, healthy and easy.  We all brought one ingredient and created a smoothie or meal together but that was so 2010 (ha, jk.  I’d still do it if I still worked there).

The new, cool thing would be creating aMason Jar Salad Club.  Now, that’s an idea!  I kind of have a MJS Club already.  My munchkins help cut up all the veggies and fill up the jars.  The little one just cuts mushrooms with a butter knife but I’ll take all the help I can get.  By the end, the kids have had fun, snacked on veggies, learned a life skill and the fridge is packed with healthy to-go meals.  That’s a win-win!

I recommend you keep these in your fridge, at work and in your purse if you are getting groceries, taking the kids to their activities or running errands.  They’re a lifesaver, literally.  Mason jars will curb nibbling on fast, unhealthy snacks.  The recipe follows.  For other health tips, join me and feel lighter!





Fresh basil

Squeezed lemon




Red and yellow peppers


Romaine lettuce

Organic kale


First, blend all four dressing ingredients together.

After that, pour 3 tablespoons of dressinginto each mason jar.

Then add the cucumbers to the bottom of the jar.  Hearty veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, radishes and celery do well saturated in dressing.

Next, add yellow and red peppers, snap peas or any colourful vegetable.  Don’t forget to cover the whole rainbow as you are layering your ingredients.  Every colour represents a different vitamin.

After that, add tomatoes, beets, mushrooms and softer veggies.  You may also add ancient grains, raw nuts or seeds for a more filling meal.

Finally, pack in romaine lettuce and organic kale.  It’s a good idea to switch up the greens every week.

That’s it!!!

*Try to prepare 6+ mason jars at a time.  They will be gone before you know it!

*Unfortunately, I did not invent Mason Jar Salads and would like to thank whomever created them for combining beauty, health and raw food.


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