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Hey there Gorgeous!

My name is Ruby Sandhu.  I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC.  I have been helping women lose weight and lead healthier lives for a few years now.

I am also a Wellness Consultant who is up to date on the latest nutritional information.  You will have access to knowledge about supplements that naturopaths recommend and vitamins that actually work.  I’ve been in this industry for years and know about the fads, the diets, the lovely Dr.O and the yellow brick road.  That’s a little joke for my Wellness Colleagues.

I’ve always been into healthy eating which is why I studied nutrition in the first place.  I was into green smoothies before it was a thing.  I’m crazy about food, health and cooking.  But after having children, my life changed and I no longer focused on my health.  I focused on theirs.  I struggled with stubborn tummy weight from my second pregnancy.  While I was busy adulting, little old healthy me got lost.  I knew I had to get back into shape and get into the swing of things.

Finally, I overhauled my mommy lifestyle and zoomed in on myself.  The kiddies helped with meal prepping, filling mason jars with salad, putting fruit into smoothies, drinking health tonics, doing yoga, getting back to nature and taking vital supplements.

I was elated when weight started coming off.  It felt amazing to feel like my old self again!  I was more enthusiastic than ever before.  I usually don’t like change but this was so positive and enlightening.  I had to tell everybody!

Luckily, I get paid to talk about weight loss.  It’s my favourite topic!  I give customers a 30 minute spiel about my experience with nutrition.  Then I give many weight loss options and let them choose the one that best suits them.  In the end, they try the food and supplements I recommend and thank me the next time they pop in.  If I can do it and they can do it, you can do it!  Join today and change your life!         

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