7 Day Eat Fresh Challenge!


The 7 Day Eat Fresh Challenge is all about a Master Grocery List that won’t break the bank, Meal Planning and Delicious Vegan Recipes that you can use over and over again.

As you can see I love my spiralizer, I made pesto zucchini noodles aka zoodles today and the family ate them right up.  Zoodles is such an adorable name and to top it off they taste delicious.  I also made zoodles with marinara sauce and my friends loved them!

The great thing about the spiralizer is you can make virtually any kind of vegetable fun and delicious.  I make curly yam fries in coconut oil, spiral cucumber and carrot salad, and yummy potato pancakes too!  It was the best $30 bucks I ever spent.  I swear I don’t have shares in the spiralizer but maybe I should!

We started the 7 Day Eat Fresh Challenge last Sunday and now it is Saturday and it wasn’t easy!  My hubby cut out meat and that was huge for him.  I cut out meat, sugar and coffee and it was a challenge.  We both had detox reactions.  I was exhausted!  I napped for 3 hours on the first two days but boom on the third day I went to work, had a meeting and meal prepped too!  Meal prep is quick and easy because veggies don’t need to be cooked for long.

I had a super power!

I had limitless energy!

Who was this lady?

I think it was Wonder Woman.

No 3 o-clock slump!  I wasn’t tired.

No need for coffee at break!  I love my antioxidant-rich matcha lattes with cashew milk.  Mmm, craving a cup right now!

No reaching for the box of Lindt chocolates at work that looked sooooo enticing.  They didn’t even whisper my name.

I feel like a whole new me.  I am thoroughly enjoying this side of the fence.

A lot of my coworkers are vegan or vegetarian and love it.  Their skin is always glowing, they’re energetic and they eat delicious meals!  Their liver, kidneys and colon must be so clean from the detoxing effects of all the fruit and veggies that they are eating.  Why wouldn’t I want all that?  So here we are!!!

Intro to a Plant-Based Diet!!!

Hey Gurl, Have I got the Detox for you! I am offering an Intro to a Plant-Based Diet that will help you shed pounds and energize you to the core. I will show you all the steps to successfully complete a Plant-Based Challenge. You will be glowing and feeling fantastic after the 7 Day Eat Fresh Challenge! Your skin, kidney, colon and liver will all thank you! Don’t you want to look and feel great?! I will show you how to thrive on those 7 days. I will provide a 7 Day Grocery List, Meal Plans and Recipes for a Plant-Based Diet. Maybe you will love it so much that you will extend it to 14 or 28 days! You never know. Once you get energy from fresh food, you may never look back! Goodbye fatigue, stubborn tummy weight and sleeplessness! Hello world!


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